National Civil Society Sustainability Strategy for Civil Society in Ghana


The National Civil Society Sustainability Strategy for Civil Society in Ghana has been developed as a one-stop-toolbox of ideas, initiatives and strategies for making Ghanaian civil society viable and sustainable. This strategy document analyses the different approaches, models and resourcing strategies commonly used by CSOs in Ghana and beyond.
The document is a product of national CSOs convenings on the sustainability of the sector organised by the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and STAR Ghana Foundation. From the convenings, it became clear that there is growing interest in new financing models and the development of alternative funding models that reduce a CSO’s dependence on traditional gift-incomes and official aid.
The strategy is detailed along four ‘pillars’:
Strategic Pillar 1 – Building Operational Sustainability
Strategic Pillar 2 - Build Financial Sustainability
Strategic Pillar 3 - Build Identity Sustainability
Strategic Pillar 4 - Building Interventions Sustainability

WACSI is a member of the Change the Game Academy Alliance.
Star Ghana is the National Anchor Institution for Ghana in the Giving for Change Alliance.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This paper can be useful for strategists in CSOs. A very long list of things to do or to pursue can be found in the four ‘pillar’ annexes.
Relevant also for non-Ghanaians. Please be aware that length of the list may also be discouraging!



Author: N.a.

Publisher/source/organization: West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)

Place and year of issue: Accra, Ghana 2018

Type: Strategy paper

Country/region: Africa Ghana

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