Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace


This study aims to shed light on the current state of Indian philanthropy through conversations with 28 philanthropy experts who have been trying to promote, support or strengthen different areas of philanthropy. They answered the following questions:
• What currently exists in terms of philanthropy in India?
• What role philanthropy in India is playing in relation to the state and the private sector?
• What is driving philanthropy in India?
• What is holding back philanthropy in India?
• What is the potential of philanthropy in India?
The areas covered include various forms of giving by the wealthy – what we have called ‘impact-focused philanthropy’, progressive philanthropy, corporate philanthropy and impact investing; social justice philanthropy, self-funded activist movements and community philanthropy; and giving by
individuals of modest means.
This working paper is a work in progress, not a finished document.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

A well-written and well-structured paper presenting the experiences and opinions of experts.



Author: Caroline Hartnell

Publisher/source/organization: Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace

Place and year of issue: London 2017

Type: Research report

Country/region: India

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