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The role and protagonism of civil society in the facing of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil


Civil society organizations (CSOs), faced with the Covid-19 crisis, sought among other to produce responses based on the development of a set of practices and experiences founded on self-management and community organization. A study of multiple cases showed that the CSOs found independent ways to provide innovative responses to the crisis, coordinating actors, territories and communities, initiatives and resources, and searching for solutions involving everything from the distribution of food baskets to conducting information and humanitarian aid campaigns, in addition to conceiving innovative activism and resistance strategies, in the face of an adverse scenario.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This article (original in Portuguese) gives an overview of the Brazilian civil society sector since the 1980ties. As well as of the ways CSOs reacted to the pandemic. Of interest are the six case studies presented in section 4 of the document (page 14-20).
It is published by GIFE, an association of Brazilian social investors, being institutes, foundations or companies (https://gife.org.br), an important resource centre on the work of CSOs.


Civil Society organisations COVID-19

Author: Graciela Hopstein and Milena Peres

Publisher/source/organization: GIFE - Grupo de Institutos Fundações e Empresas

Place and year of issue: São Paulo 2021

Type: Article

Country/region: Brazil

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