The Top Nonprofit Trends in 2022


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Pandemic Challenges: How Covid Will Impact Nonprofits in 2022
Expect Unusual Work Structures to Continue
Mental Health
Changes in Fundraising Methods
Finding New Donors in 2022
Where To Look
Gaining New Donors and Retaining Valued Ones
Taking Advantage of New Technology in 2022
Virtual Video Communication Tools
Remote Work Tools
Digital Marketing and Fundraising
New Ways of Marketing and Building Your Nonprofit Brand
Email Campaigns
Social Media Marketing and Fundraising
Paid Advertisements
Search Engine Optimization
Data Analytics
Exploring the Benefit of Cryptocurrency for Nonprofits
Getting Started with Cryptocurrency
Encouraging Crypto Donations

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This paper is one of the Premium series of fundsforNGOs. It gives various suggestions on fundraising methods in the COVID-19 situation of less personal contacts.
The paper advocates the acceptance of cryptocurrency donations. As Wilde Ganzen, we do not share their enthusiasm in this matter.


Fundraising innovations

Author: fundsforNGOs LLC

Publisher/source/organization: fundsforNGOs LLC

Place and year of issue: January 2022

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