lfrShifting the Power

Reflecting on the role community giving can play in transforming people's wellbeing and development in resource strained communities


Traditionally, local communities within the ancient Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (Uganda) relied on communal efforts entrenched in the values of the common good to address community problems. This culture, shaped the way communities looked at problems and the approaches with which these problems were addressed. Giving was an important way of their lives.
But today’s efficiency in Government service delivery and the emergency of rapid growing technology and heavily financed external support has distorted the good community led development and community problems solving interventions.
This paper draws lessons on why the agenda around aid environments has shifted and gained considerable momentum over the past few years.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

Well-written short article about the main aspects of traditional community sharing of responsibilities for social wellbeing, problem solving and development, and how this system has deteriorated as a consequence of ‘government’ nowadays taking care of many services. So that locally nobody feels ownership anymore.
The website of Twerwaneho Listeners’ Club is worth a visit: several other interesting articles can be found there too.


Community philanthropy Community-led development

Author: Twerwaneho Listeners’ Club

Publisher/source/organization: Twerwaneho Listeners’ Club, Fort Portal (Uganda)

Place and year of issue: Fort Portal (Uganda) 2020

Type: Article

Country/region: Africa

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