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Faith-based Giving as Alternative Funding Model for Civil Society Organisations in Ghana


Full title: Exploring Faith-based Giving as an Alternative Funding Model for Civil Society Organisations in Ghana—Experiences, Prospects and Challenges

This report highlights the opportunities and challenges associated with faith-based giving as a domestic resource mobilisation (DRM) strategy that CSOs could explore in Ghana.
Specifically, the report highlights the experiences of funds mobilisation, the strategies, the opportunities and successes and the challenges. It draws on in-depth interviews from 6 faith-based organisations (FBOs), three CSOs that have funds mobilisation connections with FBOs and 2 key informants or experts working within the civil society space in Ghana.
The report makes the following recommendations for CSOs to learn from (see page 6 of the report):
• CSOs should cultivate strong relationship with identifiable and diverse constituents that it
can successfully draw funding and support from.
• CSOs seeking to diversify their funding bases, should be deliberate and conscious about it.
• CSOs should set aside resources for communicating impacts of its work to a wide range of
• Civil society must develop new win-win partnerships with religious bodies, individuals,
• CSOs (…)need to do critical reflection and assessment to ensure that their vision, mission and programmes are well aligned with religious orientations and expectations of targeted givers.
• CSOs should also clearly communicate their mission (and reorient where necessary)..
• CSOs should continue to strengthen their transparency and accountability mechanisms.
• CSOs should continually promote the use of digital platforms.
• CSOs should leverage on indigenous practices and volunteerism.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

Useful report, not only for Ghana. It contains several valid recommendations for CSOs to learn from. Clearly summarized on page 6 and 7.


Faith-based Giving

Author: Dr Albert A. Arhin

Publisher/source/organization: WACSI

Place and year of issue: Accra, Ghana 2020

Type: Research report

Country/region: Ghana

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