Donor relation management


Donor management refers to standardised processes and a structured system of maintaining relationships with current and prospective donors. The system will allow you to easily track the people who donate, to understand their giving patterns and to tailor your communication to their needs.


This toolkit is helpful when your organisation:

  • would like to communicate proactively and frequently with donors.
  • wants to build and maintain relationships with donors based on such communication.
  • needs a system and database to handle incoming donations and issue receipts in a professional manner.
  • wants to handle donations promptly and professionally following required legal procedures.

What you can expect

In eight steps we will support you to design a donor management system for your organisation. Here you’ll find a step-by-step overview, tools, examples and other resources for donor management.

What you get

Know how:

  • an overview of how to manage donors step-by-step
  • a donation receipt
  • a thank you letter
  • a donor report
  • a template to keep track of the donors personal data, his donation behaviour and your communication with him
  • a template to keep track of all relevant data of potential donors

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