Organisational Structure


The organisational structure is a system used to define the hierarchy within an organisation and usually represented in an organogram.


This toolkit is useful when your organisation:

  • is in an initial stage and does not have a defined organisational chart.
  • has an organisational structure but wants to review and improve it, for example to have reporting and communication lines more clear and various roles and responsibilities coordinated.
  • has a plan to grow or restructure programs and needs to plan organisational structure accordingly, so that it creates a future scenario for organisational growth and expansion and potential succession planning.

What you can expect

In eight steps this toolkit guides you in creating and mapping your organisation structure. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for designing or redesigning your organisational structure.

What you get

Know how:

  • an overview of how to create and map your organisational structure step-by-step
  • depicting the present, projected, and future organisational structure
  • an organogram for a multi-site organisation with a core management team and several programs
  • an organogram to prepare for program expansion
  • the functions-outline-tool to establish roles and responsibilities in an organisation
  • the RASCI Matrix to identify gaps and overlap in roles and responsibilities
  • a one-pager that gives guidelines for making a prospective organogram

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