Pledge Raising

Pledge Raising will help you in mobilising your supporter and donor base to fundraise for your organisation. It is designed to create a high buy-in among donors and ensure campaign targets are achieved. Pledge raising is an effective tool in fundraising when there is adequate planning, focus and relationship development touch points.

This toolkit is useful for an organisation which:

  • needs to create support from its current donor base.
  • needs a plan to engage both local and international donors.
  • wants to ensure each pledge raiser is committed, driven and achieves the target they have set for themselves.
What you can expect

In seven steps we will guide you to strengthen your campaign by using the power of pledge raising and fuelling the passion among your supporters. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for carrying out Pledge Raising.

What you get  
Know how:
  • a step-by-step overview Pledge Raising
  • A Pledge Raising kit for the Special Olympics
  • A Pledge Raising Kit of the organisation Vidya
  • A Pledge Form Template
This toolkit is largely based on the learning materials of the Atma Network
The purchase of these materials was co-funded by Edukans.

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