Program Proposal


A program proposal is a detailed plan generally submitted to a potential partner who may consider adopting, funding, or helping to execute your organisation's program. A proposal typically includes extensive information plans for implementing the program, the way to manage it and the results to expect from it.


This toolkit is useful for you when your organisation:

  • wants to create a detailed proposal to present it's own program/service.
  • likes to enter into a partnership with another organisation, institution or client.

If you are looking voor more information and tools about writing a proposal especially for funding, you better study the toolkit Grant Seeking and Managing.

What you can expect

In six steps you are guided in developing effective proposals that attract the right partners and create mutually beneficial relationships. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for creating a program proposal.

What you get  
Know how:
  • an overview of how to create a program proposal
  • a program proposal
  • a checklist that assists in compiling and organising the information that should be included in a program proposal
  • an outline containing the structure and content of a program proposal
This toolkit is largely based on the learning materials of the Atma Network
The purchase of these materials was co-funded by Edukans.

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