Social Media

Social Media is the collective name for all online media on which you can share information and that ask for interaction through the internet. Many people use social media for private purposes, but it can also be very interesting for NGOs and businesses, especially because so many people are involved in one or more of the social media platforms.
One of the most attractive parts of social media is that with little to no financial investment, you can reach a large audience. Furthermore, it is very easy for people to share your posts and with that spread your message. Even though there are many reasons to use social media with your NGO, it is something you have to really think through before you start.
What you can expect
In 8 steps, we will guide you to make a decision whether you should or should not use social media, help you with the first steps to get started and give you some advice to keep it going.
What you get Duration
Know How
  • Social Media assessment – where are you now?
  • Overview of social media platforms to choose from
  • Tips on how to become successful in social media
  • Example Sahyog Facebook planning
  • The 10 Top Social Media Tools Brands are Using to Succeed in 2019

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