"Once, there was this foundation that could barely keep its head above water. The employees worked very hard to give the children in their community a better future, but forgot to share their stories with the world."

Whether it is in a conversation, a presentation, a report or a video: good stories can be used to make your communication much more memorable. Do you want your message to be remembered and repeated? Then this toolkit will help you.
Good stories can help you get the action from others you want. Whether it is to get more visitors to your website, more supporters for your advocacy campaign or more funders for your foundation, storytelling can get you there. 
What you can expect
In six steps, we will help you to create a compelling story with a beginning in which the scene and characters are set, good tension build up, a climax and resolution.
Knowledge and Skills
You will learn how to structure your story, about the story arc, story climax and how to appy it to your own situation.
What you get Duration
  • Brainstorm exercises
  • Worksheet for a scenario
  • Storyboard instructions
60 minutes

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