Theory of Change (ToC)

The Theory of Change (ToC) is a methodological tool to analyze and evaluate the social change that an organization aims to create as a result of their interventions. It shows a causal pathway from the inputs required for specific activities that lead to tangible outputs and outcomes.
  • Organisation needs to ensure that all their activities are aligned to their overall vision.
  • Organisation needs to showcase the change they want to create and the steps involved in making that change happen.
  • Organisation wants to measure their impact.
What you can expect
In eight steps this toolkit will guide you towards a structured framework that will guide the organisation's actions and decisions. Here you will find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for making a ToC.
What you get  
Know how:
  • A step by step overview on how to make a Theory of Change
  • A detailed Theory of Change of Apni Shala Foundation, India
  • A framework for a Theory of Change in Word and PDF
  • A reference to a e-learning course on this topic
This toolkit is largely based on the learning materials of the Atma Network
The purchase of these materials was co-funded by Edukans.

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