Financial Management


Financial management systems will become more and more robust as you grow. This project gives you an overview of those systems and how you can start thinking about your needs in financial management.

Por qué

This toolkit is useful when:

  • Organisation needs to manage finances in an efficient yet transparent manner.
  • Organisation needs to handle financial documents such as budgets, income and expenditure statements etc. in a professional manner.

Qué puede esperarse

This is a step by step guide to Financial Management. Financial Management includes recording all financial transactions, monitoring and controlling incomes and expenditures, satisfying legal requirements and timely and accurate reporting to donors and others. It requires analyzing financial performance, identifying ways to use resources efficiently, and finding creative means to use resources in order to generate additional resources.

Lo que obtendrá

Know how:

  • An overview of how to organise your financial management step-by-step
  • Schedule of approval
  • Financial handbook for NGOs
  • A financial management questionnaire
  • An internal controls questionnaire

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