Exemple de collecte de fonds local:
Photo auction

Principales caractéristiques

Méthode de collecte de fonds
Vente/vente aux enchères, exposition ou compétition d’œuvres d’art, Mobilisation de ressources en ligne/par les médias


Résultat net (€)


200 hours

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YiPSA Auction in full swing
OrganisationYoung in Prison South Africa (YiPSA)
Site webhttps://www.instagram.com/younginprison_sa/
TypeNon-Profit Organisation (NPO)
AdequationUn peu expérimentée
PaysAfrique du Sud
Le financement nécessaire pourThe cost of YiPSA´s 3 programmes in 2017
Période d'action17 November 2016
Dons en naturePhotos and wine to be auctioned.
Types de donsFinancial support. In kind donations: art from the local photographers; wine for the auction.
Types de donateursLocal art lovers, local photographers and a wine farm.


YiPSA has been fortunate enough to have been funded by a variety of international and local donors over the past 10 years, and their support has been the lifeblood of the organisation. However, ever since the economic crisis of 2007-2009, the NGO sector globally has been under pressure to think about diverse and sustainable funding streams. YiPSA has felt this pressure as well, and the increasing withdrawal of international funding from countries like South Africa has led them to think about creative ways to continue their programmes.
This photo auction was therefore a key event first for YiPSA. Being their first attempt at it, they had very modest expectations for the outcome, but to their surprise the response has been overwhelming. In only four months, they’ve galvanised support from 36 established and emerging photographers who have donated 46 prints. By donating a print to this inaugural auction each photographer is in fact partnering with YiPSA to create a safer South Africa, as the funds raised through this event will go towards sustaining YiPSA’s programmes in 2017. The photographers helped to establish it as a one-of-a-kind fundraiser for YiPSA. The organisation hopes to grow it to a biennial event.

Conseils et leçons apprises

1. Next time YiPSA will start the preparations earlier.
2. There was a lot of time involved with the pick up and the printing of the photographs – it helps to keep this organised. Collecting information about the photographers and the art also takes a lot of time.
3. Know your customers, there were 14 prints unsold. The photo auction gave YiPSA a better idea of the type of art/photography people want.

Remarques Wilde Ganzen

This is a daring and innovative first attempt to raise funds locally, with a very good result - largely due to the fact that so many photographers were willing to donate a print. That is why we have classified this as a suitable action for slightly experienced organisations: you need at least some 'local fame' to be as successful as YiPSA. You also need manpower, as YiPSA's example shows that it takes a lot of time to organise an auction like this. Finally, YiPSA deserves a compliment for establishing an association with a well-known auctioneer, as this will undoubtedly contribute to the success of future events.


Brève description de l’organisation pour laquelle les ressources ont été mobilisées
Young in Prison South Africa (YiPSA) is a non-profit organisation that offers a holistic programme, which seeks to prepare children and youth in conflict with the law in making the transition from incarceration back into society through imparting life skills for behaviour change, offering skills development for effective reintegration and reducing reoffending. The organisation has its roots in 2002, starting a small programme which grew into a fully registered NPO in 2012. YiPSA works to support young people in conflict with the law through three main programmatic areas: Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Advocacy. In the area of Rehabilitation, YiPSA uses Art Therapy as a vehicle to facilitate behaviour modification and psychosocial development of incarcerated youth offenders. They offer these services in correctional facilities, child and youth-care centres and communities in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In the Western Cape, YiPSA works in four correctional centres: Pollsmoor, Goodwood, Drakenstein and Brandvlei Correctional Centres. In Johannesburg, they work in Leeuwkop Correctional Centre. In the area of Reintegration, YiPSA supports released youth offenders to successfully reintegrate into mainstream society through Entrepreneurial and Personal Development. Their Advocacy work involves engagement with communities and policy-makers on issues that affect the fair, humane and inclusive treatment of youth and children in conflict with the law. At an international level, YiPSA is part of the Young in Prison International Network, which consists of other partner organisations based in Malawi, Kenya, Colombia and the Netherlands.

Brève description du projet ou du programme pour lequel les ressources ont été mobilisées
The funds raised were used to cover expenses for the three main programmes YiPSA runs. Rehabilitation Programme: The Rehabilitation Programme consists of a series of Art Therapy workshops that are administered within the Correctional centre and/or Child and Youth-Care centres. These workshops are rendered over 3-month long cycles in each of the five correctional centres YiPSA works in, and are delivered by qualified Art Therapists. The workshops blend therapy, creative arts and life-skills to facilitate holistic development and rehabilitation of the youth participating in the programme. Siyakhana Programme: This reintegration programme supports the participants to rebuild their lives post-incarceration and reduce their chances of reoffending. The Siyakhana Programme starts in the last phase of the individual’s release and puts him/her on a course of positively reintegrating back into society. The main goal of the programme is to ensure that the needs of the individual and community are harnessed and complement each other to reduce reoffending on the part of the individual. With reducing the likelihood of reoffending as the aim, this programme centres around two components – Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Development – with a holistic curriculum that supports the emotional, social, educational and economic needs of the participants. Over a 5-month period, participants are given tools and knowledge and build small businesses that will help them earn a living and become self-sufficient. Advocacy Programme: The Advocacy programme consists of projects that are aimed at advancing the YiPSA vision within communities and government institutions. This programme provides effective support and an implementation platform for the rehabilitation and reintegration programmes. This programme utilises the success stories from the primary target group who become ambassadors to advance the YiPSA vision and educate the communities on issues of youth participation in crime. YiPSA utilises exhibitions, social dialogues and schools presentations to get in touch with the communities and have policy dialogues on an institutional level.

1. Local funding.
2. Advocacy.


Coût/bénéficeMonnaie nationale (ZAR)Euro
Montant total collecté110,3007,218
(-) Montant total investi40,0002,618
Montant net collecté70,3004,600

Commentaires sur les résultats
During the event there was a lot of local marketing done and which helped YiPSA build their database.
The fundraising event brought attention to the rehabilitation and reintegration work YiPSA is doing and in this way advocated for youth in conflict with the law.
Establishing a relationship with Stephan & Co., an important auctioneer that is willing to assist YiPSA with any future events.

Description des travaux préparatoires

  • Approaching photographers for donations in kind.
  • Creating Catalogue.
  • Organising of the event (location/auctioneer/catering).
  • Social Media and Radio advertising.
  • Separate Facebookpage for the photo auction.
  • Added the photo auction to YiPSA's website.
  • Email campaign.

Description de la mise en œuvre
Auction night at a local art school where an auctioneer auctioned the art.

Plans pour repéter l’activité
YiPSA is planning to repeat the action once every 1,5 or two years. YiPSA is thinking of a similar event, but possibly a different location, where they can use the contact and database of the auctioneer.

Available materials
YiPSA Catalogue

Scripts and tools used
YiPSA Bidding Forms

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