Self-Assessment Organisational Development


This tool was developed in response to Wilde Ganzen Foundation’s collaboration with small scale non-profit organisations. Organisations like yours can encounter challenges and barriers in your work to fight poverty in your community. This tool will help you assess the current state of your organisation and is relevant for all organisations,  regardless of the organisation’s mission, whether it is internationally or localy focused, big or small, run by paid staff or volunteers.


Organisational development is about developing the internal capacity to be the most effective organisation you can be: in reaching your mission and in sustaining yourself long term. The following self-assessment will help you with that: through several short surveys, you will gain insight into the way your organisation works, and in your own competencies. The results can be used for your own personal use and learning.

What you can expect

You can use this tool for different purposes:

  • For your own learning: you will get a sense of your organisation’s development, identify areas where you struggle, and where you could stimulate change.
  • To improve your organisation: approach your management and ask if this is something they would be interested in doing, or if they would support you in facilitating this conversation within the organisation.
  • To improve your vountary organisation: get a group of colleagues together . Fill in the surveys and discuss your answers to each of the sections.

The tool focuses on these four pillars of organisational development:

  1. Management & Organisation (organisation, leadership, team dynamics)
  2. Finance & Fundraising (fundraising & diversification of income, financial management & accountability)
  3. Collaboration with stakeholders (primary stakeholders, mobilising support through external stakeholders)
  4. Strategy

Depending on the type of organisation you work for, some surveys are more relevant than others. For example, as a grassroots organisation you might want to focus on involving your primary stakeholders. And when your have a board and employees, you might want to focus on the topic 'Management & Organisation'. Feel free to choose specific topics, depending on your learning aspirations.

What you get

Filling in the surveys will lead to general recommendations about your organisation’s strengths and opportunities and links to relevant toolkits for further learning. If you are interested in receiving individual feedback or advice, you are very welcome to contact your contact person at Wilde Ganzen, or servicedesk@wildeganzen.nl if you don’t have a contact person (yet), to discuss the results of this self-assessment. You can save the outcome of each self-assessments using the 'download' button. This also includes an empty questionnaire.

Your answers will not be saved nor used for any scientific, controlling or accounting purposes by the hosts of this e-learning platform.

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