Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, you may have had to cancel your usual fundraising events and rethink your services. This page is designed to help you respond, either by supporting you in writing a Crisis Management Plan, helping you to start crowdfunding or connecting you to the most relevant civil society networks and resources.

Micro courses

Accelerating digital transformation during COVID-19 

Crisis management during COVID-19

News and inspiration


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on CSOs in West Africa

Video and research reports: impact of COVID

Navigating Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic for CSOs: Innovatively Fundraising Online

Navigating Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A silver lining: COVID-19 is an opportunity for civil society to explore new and innovative funding forms

New and innovative funding

Responding to Community Needs: CSOs Interventions in Brazil

Responding to Community Needs

Supporting CSOs to be Resilient amidst COVID-19 in Ghana

Supporting CSOs to be Resilient


In 7 steps, we will help you develop a complete Crisis Management Plan, Crisis Communication Plan or Crowdfunding Plan. Through these plans, you will understand how to assess your risks, determine the expected impact, formulate your response and build your teams.

Crisis Management Plan Crisis Communication Plan Crowdfunding Monitoring and evaluation


Go through the ten main fundraising techniques including online fundraising and decide which one is the best for you now. The button links you to our e-learning site. (free registration required)

Fundraising techniques

You can also download a pdf with these 10 main fundraising techniques.

Fundraising techniques PDF